Building Warmth

Make your sound magic

Luker Amplifiers is a small boutique manufacturer of hand built guitar amps located in Eugene, Oregon. Founded in 2006, we have provided musicians around the globe with quality sound that comes from decades of experience in design, building, and performance. 

Each amplifier is crafted from the ground up. We start with a hefty precision formed and laser cut aluminum chassis and power coated enamel screened face and back plates.  The component board is industry standard G10 green fiber board, hand cut with plated eyelets breadboard style.

We use high current Toroidal power transforms that are lighter, more efficient and produce less hum than standard power transformers.

Additional features include Belton Mica tube sockets, silver plated teflon coated hookup wire, Vishay 700 volt resistors throughout, 600 volt Weber, F&T and Illinois main capacitors.  Orange Drop polyethylene and Silver Mica coupling capacitors produce a smoother sound.   

Our 18 watt amps use Luker special design 20 watt output transformers.  Magnetic Components Classic Tone or similar USA made output transformers are used in the 40 to 100 watt amps.  All have selectable 4, 8, 16 ohm output impedance.

Cabinets are hand cut and assembled on site with dovetail joints using 3/4″ clear pine for combo amps and speaker cabinets. Combo cabinets have through bolted Baltic Birch speaker baffles and hardwood hickory back bracing for the backs, meaning the back panel screws will never strip out. 

Our customer service is second to none. We strive to help musicians achieve the sound they desire and an amplifier to be proud of that will last a lifetime. With a warranty that covers parts, labor and shipping, it’s hard to go wrong with your next amp from Luker Amplifiers.

Ken Luker with Hofner John Stowell Verythin jazz guitar
Peruvian Walnut and Maple
Matching pine grain