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Wow!!!! It’s even MORE gorgeous than I could have hoped for!!  Looks like I’ll have my free time already taken up now that this beauty is here!! Lol.. SUPERB craftsmanship and excellent build my friend!!   I couldn’t be happier!


 The more I play my Chameleon the more enamored I am of it’s SUPERB tonal capabilities, and of your genuinely artistic craftsmanship!
This is by far the finest guitar amplifier I’ve played through in my 28 years of musicianship, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have made your acquaintance! Shawn


Hey Ken: I merely wanted to say “Hi” from Atlanta, GA and that I’m still loving the Chameleon you made for me. It’s such a pleasure to play a fine instrument through your amplifier’s many tone pallets. No matter what speaker configuration I use, your amp really shines through. Thanks again for your good work, -Stephen


This amp has a amazing sound. I have played through many amps in my life like Fender-Hiwatt- Marshall-Orange-Messa- Vox 1964 vintage.This amp is the best by far. Such a Sweet Sound with plenty of grunt for live gigs Just right for the studio 


Pro review from Vintage Guitar Magazine:

Considering the state of modern vacuum tubes, a surprising number of great tube amps are currently being built. And of those, every once in a while a truly exceptional amp that is also an astonishing value finds its way through the front door. The Luker Chameleon is one of those amps. A Class A/AB Fender-based 20-watter with two 6V6 power tubes driving a choice of 12″ or 15″ Eminence Legend 75-watt speaker, the Chameleon is all-tube and hand-wired. Even the rectifier is a tube (GZ34). For preamp tubes it has a pair of 12AX7s, while the reverb runs off one 12AT7 and one 12AU7. The power transformer is a high-efficiency toroidal unit designed in-house, while the reverb is a long-spring Accutronics unit that also offers a Dark-to-Bright knob – very useful for getting just the right amount of atmosphere for the room. The Chameleon’s hand-built cabinet is a work of art in itself, with dovetailed clear pine panels, a Baltic birch speaker baffle and backs, and hickory hardwood bracing. The front panel is powder-coated and the lettering is enamel screen-printed, all for increased durability. The back panel of the chassis is stainless steel polished to a mirror finish. The panel has a circuit breaker, a speaker impedance selector for 4, 8, and 16 ohms, and two speaker-out jacks.  And at just 19.625″ x 20″ x 10″ and 41 pounds, the Chameleon is very compact considering what it offers and it offers a lot. There are the usual Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, and Reverb controls, with both power and standby switches. There are also knobs for Presence and Hi Cut, as well as not one but two Gain controls. The most interesting switch on the faceplate, however, is labeled “PF.” More on that later. True to Its Colors The Luker Chameleon Combo The Chameleon’s three-band passive EQ knobs do enough without doing too much. The Bass control is great for tightening or loosening the bottom end, the Treble smoothens the highs without going “duh,” and the Mid might soon become your Strat’s best friend. Turned counterclockwise, it produces that highly sought-after scooped tone, and pushed to the right, it pumps up the upper mids, getting close to the tone circuit on a Clapton Strat. As for the Hi Cut, who needs it when there’s already an effective Treble control? Well, while the Treble controls a wider spectrum of the highs, the Hi Cut takes off just the uppermost part of that range and is great for rolling off just the prickly tip of  a driven Strat or Tele pickup, and it nicely notches back the sizzle of a pushed P-90. One of the chameleon-like characteristics of the Chameleon is its two Gain controls. Gain 1 increases the American grit of the 6V6 power tubes. Once that’s dialed in to taste, the Gain 2 brings in a smooth, singing EL84-type sustain, but with more, well, balls. For someone addicted to P-90s, this amp is a godsend. Even driven, the Luker Chameleon is very quiet, indicating quality components competently connected. The amp’s other chameleon-like trait is provided by the previously mentioned fourway PF switch. “PF” in this case stands for picofarads, and the switch allows the use of four separate capacitors for the Treble control, with values from 120 to 1,000 picofarads (pF). The 120 pF setting is the brightest, 250 pF is standard Fender issue, 500 pF gets Vox-y, and 1,000 pF is on the warmer side of Marshall.  The Luker Chameleon’s highs, even when cut, have an openness and airiness to them. The cut mids make it sound like a Strat has older and better pickups than it probably does, and not like someone is holding a pillow over the speaker cloth. The bass, even when extended, never goes “boom,” and rolled off, maintains its depth and just gets tighter. Whatever the tone, with the Chameleon, there’s a feeling that it came out easily and naturally without being forced. –Bob Dragich


More from previous owners

I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love your amp! The more I play through it the more amazed I am at the tones I can easily pull out of it. Wonderful clean chimes to searing Texas blues tone to molten lava right out of a volcanic blast furnace. This amp rips! Thanks! Phil


Hi Ken, My Tolex Tiger is perfect! Thank you so much. The tone is amazing. As you can see in the picture, it has permanently replaced my Fender Blackface and is now my go-to amp. I have plugged it into a Lee Jackson Mr. Springgy Reverb and cannot believe what I am hearing. My strats are singing. Not only is the amp cosmetically and acoustically flawless, I have never encountered better customer service. Thank you so much once again. Alexander


Hi I just wanted to follow up and say how pleased I am with the Luker Tiger. It is awesome! I find myself finally willing to sell a couple of other vintage amps that I have since I am so pleased with the Luker. Thanks again and the best of success to you! Don…


Ken created a piece of art masquerading as a guitar amp. The sound is clean letting the guitar’s characteristics come through, yet enhances the guitars harmonics into a complex brew of beautiful tones. Let ken know that I’m ready to commit to another flame maple amp when he has the time to make one for me. Bill


Hey Ken, The amp was received. I ended up having to wait a week to really get to enjoy it while we finished up the cabinet, but the two are combined now and I have to tell you that it is an incredible and wonderful piece of equipment. Everyone of my guitars are so much more expressive, I can hear every setting change and the versatility of the unit makes the majority of pedals simply redundant. .Liam


Hi Ken -The amp arrived today safe and sound. I have played through it now for about 3 hours and all that I can say is that this is one of the very best amps I have ever played through. It is like the best Fender amp that they never built. But you did. There is no bottom end flub. It stays really tight even when the power section gets cranked up. It has amazing touch sensitivity. Roll down the guitar volume and it sits into a nice tight rhythm, open it up and it has this beautiful saturate 6V6 sustain – really smooth – no icepick or shrillness. It is one of the smoothest sounding amps I have ever heard and it’s nearly impossible to get a bad tone from it. Thanks Ken This is an amazing amp you have built.It’s scary good. Steve.


Hi Ken and Florence,I have to say again every time I play my Tiger, I’m impressed. I love the look of it and its awesome sound. I play right beside our bass player and right in front of our drummer and this amp cuts through with ease and clarity. It loves my pedals from my Keeley modded DS-1 and my OCD overdrive. I play my Tele and my Les Paul through it and both sound great with little adjustments. Me and #33 are going to our first gig Halloween night and I have no doubt it will be great. I attached a few pictures if you can use one please do.Thanks again  Kim

Hey Ken,I wanted to get back to you about the Tiger amp you built for me. I’ve spent some serious time playing with it since I picked it up from you last month, and I have to say it’s by far the best amp I’ve ever owned. I’ve finally got that classic clean blues tone I’ve spent so much time looking for, and with an overdrive pedal in front, the amp really sings! Not only blues either, this is the perfect jazz amp. Usually when I get new gear, after the excitement wears off I think “well, maybe I should have bought something else”, but this is the first time I haven’t had asked myself that question. My only complaint is that I’m certain my speaker cab is holding back what the Tiger is really capable of, but that’s an easy fix on my part (just not in the budget at the moment). This amp is definitely a keeper and I’ll be sure to send other distraught tone seekers your way! Thanks,-Jesse


Hey Ken, Brandon here, I just wanted to thank you again for a quality guitar amplifier, I truly love it. Even though I know it was not fully intentional, you managed to create an amp that allows ‘me’ to come through. I’ve been having non-stop growth as a musician since receiving it. Thank You. I plan on posting a harmony central review soon.


Hi Ken, how are you? Thanks again for the amazing amp. It’s been working out great for me. I really really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch.Graham


Ken: the amp is superb,wonderful craftsmanship,quiet.I can tell you take pride in your work. Great tone stack and clean laid out. It will take few days to get use to controls etc. Thanks my friend, Seth David