two amps in one

The Luker Stereo is an amazing adventure into sonic performance

 PRICE $2150    

The possibilities are intriguing. Imagine two separate speaker cabs on stage spaced apart at a distance to create 3D effects from your stereo pedals, or running your guitar in stereo with your neck pickup through one speaker and your bridge pickup through a different speaker.

video demo

Imagine running that 4-12 cab in stereo and use an A/B switch to go from clean to mean. Plug into the left channel only to run both channels at once running one output through a 15” speaker set for bassie tones while the other output runs through a 10” speaker set for bright tones. 

  • Luker Stereo Specs:
  • Hand wired all tube point to point circuit
  • Class A, A/B 18 watt X 2 output
  • Two separate amplifiers in one
  • Presence controls for added sparkle and clarity
  • Selectable speaker impedance 4, 8, 16 ohms for each channel
  • Dual speaker output jacks for each channel
  • Solid state rectifiers
  • Dual 6V6 output tubes for each channel
  • One 12AX7 preamp and one 12AT7 driver for each channel
  • Beautiful hand built cabinet with dovetail joints
  • Hickory hardwood bracing
  • High efficiency Toroidal power transformer for cooler operation and less weight
  • Luker vintage design 20 watt output transformers X 2
  • Weight 29lbs
  • Dimensions 19-3/4”wide, 9-1/2” high, 10-1/4” deep
  • Two year full warranty parts and labor
  • Designed and built in the USA